Expanding Leadership Initiative Youth Leadership Development Grant Opportunity

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Expanding Leadership Initiative 

Request for ProposalsYouth Leadership Development

DUE BY 5 p.m. May 15, 2009



The Expanding Leadership Initiative (ELI) is a program of The Community Foundation.  ELI’s goal is simple. In order to reflect the changing demographics and communities served of Boulder County, we are working with the current leadership in the Boulder County non-profit community to increase the number of people of color on staff and on boards in nonprofit organizations.   We would like to thank The Anthony Kruse Foundation for generously partnering with The Community Foundation to help us achieve this transformational change.  This partnership will involve the grant from the Anthony Kruse Foundation through the Expanding Leadership Initiative lens to support youth leadership development and the nonprofit organizations that provide service.    The Expanding Leadership Initiative Advisory Committee, comprised Community Representatives and Community Foundation Trustees, will review all proposals and make grant recommendations.   



The Expanding Leadership Initiative Advisory Committee is seeking proposals from non-profit organizations serving a diverse youth community to support multicultural leadership development opportunities. 

Proposed projects should include and address:

-          Leadership skill development

-          Multicultural/diverse leadership styles

-          Community engagement/partnerships 

Components of proposed projects are encouraged but not limited to include:

-          Scholarships for existing relevant training programs

-          Community and/or non-profit collaborations

-          Support for expansion of current leadership development  



Nonprofit, governmental or other public groups interested in applying for grants from the Expanding Leadership Initiative are invited to submit a concept letter describing the proposed project.  The Expanding Leadership Initiative Advisory Committee will review the concept letters and make grant recommendations 

Applicants should submit via email or mail one copy of the following:  I.         A concept letter, which shouldbe no longer than two typed pages and should include:

·         What the project will accomplish and how it will be accomplished?

·         How the proposal meets the funding focus for 2009

·         Who will be involved in the project?

·         The time frame for accomplishing the project?

·         How to keep the project going in the future (if applicable)?

·         How much money is requested?

·         What steps is your organization taking towards inclusiveness?

II.       Organization Summary

III.                  A separate budget page, listing expenses and brief descriptions of how each expense supports the proposal, should accompany the narrative description 

IV.                Diversity Chart Assessment- A copy of can be found on our website athttp://www.commfound.org/grants/diversitychart.xls

V.                  Proof of your tax-exempt status

VI.                Either a signed copy of The Community Foundation’s anti-discrimination policy affirming that your organization is in compliance with the statement, or a copy of your organization’s anti-discrimination policy.  A copy of The Community Foundation’s policy can be found on our website at http://www.commfound.org/grants.antidiscrim.html  


·         Projects must meet the funding focus for 2009

·         Applicants can be any non-profit organization with an IRS 501(c)(3) designation or any governmental or public entity. (Groups or organizations that do not have IRS 501(c)(3) designation may only apply in partnership with one of the nonprofit designations listed above.)

·         The group or organization must provide services or conduct the proposed activities within Boulder County for the benefit of Boulder County residents.



Community Impact Internships will be awarded by the Expanding Leadership Initiative in partnership with the Anthony H. Kruse Foundation. We will hold two grant cycles May 2009 and November 2009 dividing the funding between the two cycles. $20,000 will be awarded in 2009. Grant proposal requests will be considered up to $3,000.     

Concept letters are due by 5:00 p.m., May 15th, 2009.      

INSTRUCTIONS FOR SUBMITTING E-MAIL CONCEPT LETTERS(E-Mail is the preferred method of submission): Send ONE copy of your concept letter and accompanying materials (I-VI above) to grants@commfound.org.

You will receive a return e-mail confirming that your materials have been received.   


Sorry we cannot accept faxed proposals.    

For more information, please contact Carly Hare at The Community Foundation, 303-442-0436 or email grants@commfound.org 

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