Plan Emerges for Latino Parent Engagement Around Early Learning

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Nearly 60 leaders convened over lunch last week in Boulder, Lafayette and Longmont, to discuss how to better engage Latino parents around early learning. 

The discussions brought out some fantastic ideas and some common themes emerged. Here are five big ideas that the Community Foundation will be championing out of these convenings (click on the attached document for more detailed thoughts):

1. Recruit Community Coordinators in Longmont, Lafayette and Boulder to carry out the following tasks in partnership with Latino parents and other organizations.

2. Build an Authentic Early Learning Awareness Campaign for and by Latino Parents.

3. Build Latino Parent Leadership and Advocacy on Early Learning.

4. Promote Latino Parent Skill Building.

5. Raise Funding to Help Sustain These Activities.

The attached documents summarize in more detail the ideas that emerged at each of our meetings. And they begin to map who is organizing our Latino parent communities around early learning already, as well as who the "100 most important partners" are to further this work.

Stay tuned for more updates as this exciting work progresses. And please contact me at or 303-442-0436 with any thoughts, questions, comments or concerns.

5 big ideas from Latino Parent Engagement Forums March 17 thru 19 2014.docx14.86 KB
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