Boulder County Flood Relief

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The Community Foundation is partnering with other agencies around Boulder County to bring the latest flood relief resources to your attention.

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Flood Relief Blog

5 weeks 2 days ago

By Emily Dusel, Resident and Executive Director of the Lyons Community Foundation 

Imagine waking to emergency sirens blaring “flood is imminent, seek higher ground immediately.”  Imagine gathering your loved ones and running out of your home, in your pajamas, with no shoes on.  Imagine sleeping in the local elementary school gym.  Imagine never being able to live in your home again.

For hundreds of our neighbors in Lyons, this story is all too true.  Thanks to your generosity, these families can hold on to hope.  Thanks to you, they have the strength and resources to begin rebuilding. 

Just after receiving their grant money, one grateful family wrote,...

5 weeks 2 days ago

Kayli Parker used to live in Lyons, and she wanted to help with flood relief. In February, Kayli sent $600 to the Lyons Community Foundation with a note that said: 

Lyons Community Foundation,
I have rasied $600 dollars for Lyons. The reason I did this is because I have lived there.  I loved Lyons Elementary, restaurants, The Fork, and the houses.  I was really sad when Lyons got flooded. Taht is why I am doing this.  It started out small. I went to a fair holding a felt board and hearts. The first three people's names are in this note.  Then it got bigger when my mom made a link on the computer and sended it to her friends. That is how I made the money for you! I hope it helps. 
Love, Kayli Parker


5 weeks 3 days ago

For the last several years, one of the fastest growing and most promising sectors of the Colorado Front Range economy has been local food. We’ve witnessed an explosion in the number of Community Supported Agriculture shares in the region, a proliferation of Farmers’ Markets, farm stands popping up around the countryside, scores of popular farm-to-table dinners every summer, dozens of new farms and farmers, and considerable new additional acreage devoted to food production for local consumption.

But when the skies began darkening in September 2013—just as the summer crops were reaching the peak of the season—no one knew that this thriving new local food industry would suddenly be fighting for its life. 


6 weeks 6 days ago

LYONS, Feb. 27, 2014 – The Lyons Community Foundation unveils plans to continue Rebuild Lyons with a broader focus encompassing critical community projects.

Many critical needs persist in Lyons including a dire gap in affordable housing and parks that are not safe for children. Although daunting, our community is determined to rebuild affordable housing, care for our residents, rebuild our parks, businesses, and public infrastructure. Long-term recovery efforts are underway and need our support. “LCF plays a vital role in Lyons flood recovery by connecting people who care with recovery projects that matter”...