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The World Through Stewart Rahr’s Neon Glasses

New York Times Philanthropy - Sat, 06/07/2014 - 22:00
Mr. Rahr, 68, a billionaire philanthropist and playboy, spends his time with celebrities, whom he calls friends. It’s not clear the feeling is mutual.
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A Night Out With Jessica Seinfeld

New York Times Philanthropy - Sat, 06/07/2014 - 22:00
Ms. Seinfeld candidly admits that two of her three children barely pay attention to her these days, have an attitude and are sick of her cooking.
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Don’t Show Me the Money

New York Times Philanthropy - Wed, 06/04/2014 - 22:00
When the setting’s flamboyant and the view is free, you socialize first and (maybe) pay later.
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Cause Marketing Effort Is Centered on the Negroni

New York Times Philanthropy - Sun, 06/01/2014 - 22:00
Campari America and Imbibe Media are joining forces for Negroni Week, with the goal of raising $100,000 for charities nationwide.
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Administration Lays Out Ways Groups Can Support Program for Minority Men

New York Times Philanthropy - Fri, 05/30/2014 - 22:00
The recommendations on how to put in place a White House initiative called My Brother’s Keeper came three months after President Obama announced the $200 million, five-year effort.
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In Coins, Man Found a Century of Learning

New York Times Philanthropy - Sun, 05/18/2014 - 22:00
Eric P. Newman, 102, is a leading authority on the art and history of American money. Two coins from a collection he amassed over decades sold last week for $1.41 million apiece.
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Rowing Toward Hope in a Troubled World

New York Times Philanthropy - Sat, 05/17/2014 - 22:00
Through a program by USRowing, the Chicago Training Center aims to introduce youths of all backgrounds to the sport, returning it to its blue-collar roots.
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Humanist Foundation Reaches Out to Religious Groups, Testing a Divide

New York Times Philanthropy - Fri, 05/16/2014 - 22:00
Since 2011, the Foundation Beyond Belief has given several thousand dollars each fiscal quarter to a different religious group as part of an initiative called Challenge the Gap.
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As Park Service Culls Deer in Washington, It Helps Charities Fill Bellies

New York Times Philanthropy - Wed, 05/14/2014 - 22:00
This year, 3,300 pounds of venison have been donated to charities, and many are surprised that the meat came from Rock Creek Park.
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Changes Announced to Puerto Rican Day Parade

New York Times Philanthropy - Tue, 05/13/2014 - 22:00
The changes to one of the nation’s largest ethnic celebrations comes after years of complaints that the parade had strayed too far from its modest roots.
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