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Welcome to the voting page for the 2012 NOVA Awards! Below you will see teasers about each nominee (listed in alphabetical order and pulled straight from their nominations), with a link to read more from their nomination. The Community Foundation hopes you'll enjoy learning about the great work of all of these Boulder County non-profit organizations, before you rank your top five favorites at the end of the list.

A few important things to know before you get started:

  1. The NOVA Award is to recognize innovation in programs or services or innovations in business operations, within Boulder County's non-profit sector. The winning organization will receive a grant for $5,000. Innovative collaborations between non-profits or non-profits and a private business are eligible.
  2. Voting will be open April 15 - April 21. 
  3. This online vote is only a portion of the information that factors into the final decision. Two committees of community members score all the nominations, factor in this online vote's results, and work together to select the winner.
  4. The below ballot requires unique selections for ranks 1-5. If voters duplicate choices, they'll receive an error message, and their vote won't go through until the error is fixed. Additional measures are in place to control for ballot stuffing.



Aging Services Foundation of Boulder County is dedicated to helping older adults stay connected, engaged, and healthy in community. It embarked on an ambitious program of making Boulder County a safe place to age as a lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender (LGBT) elder. The Project Visibility training program was created and was the first of its kind in the nation. Read More

Alternatives for Youth's mission is to promote the success of youth by instilling values that lead to positive choices and postive community impact and by encouraging social, cultural, and self development. iThrive was created to address the need for a program for teens struggling with substance abuse. iThrive is innovative for many reasons and is virtually the only low-cost, early intervention program in Boulder County for teens struggling with substance abuse. Read More

ArtReach,Inc. The mission of ArtReach is to "change lives through the arts" by providing access to arts and cultural experiences for underserved adn at-risk people of all ages. The Community Tickets program isa t the core of ArtReach's mission in the community and serves more than 47,000 at-risk and underserved children, youth, adults, seniors, veterans, and families each year, including nearly 1,500 Boulder County residents.  Read More

Attention Homes' mission is to provide residential treatment, counseling, and safe shelter to at-risk youth.  In response to these concerns, in December 2010, Attention Homes opened the Runaway and Homeless Youth (RHY) Program with drop-in services, street outreach and the only overnight emergency shelter for homeless youth in Boulder County.  Read More

Boedecker Theater at The Dairy Center for the Arts  The newest and most exciting Dairy program is the 60-seat cinema, The Boedecker Theater. While other nonprofits may have theaters associated with their organizations, none of those theaters have the same mix of size, intimacy, community connection, and technology advances as The Boe.  It is this unique setting that allows The Boe to deliver innovative live performances, lectures, Q & A sessions, and even discussions, since everyone in the theater can see and hear one another.  In addition, The Boe is a venue for community gatherings, meetings, and presentations.  Read More

Boulder B-cycle's mission is the creation and operation of a community supported bike-sharing program that provides Boulder residents, workers, and visitors with a zero-emission, financially sustainable, affordable transportation option that is ideal for short trips and results in fewer Vehicle Miles Traveled, less pollution and congestion, more peronsal mobility and health, and economic vitality.  Read More

Boulder Climbing Community and the Access Fund  have partnered to create the Boulder Canyon Stewardship Initiative, which unites all of the key land managers and user groups in a cooperative, concerted effort to preserve and care for Boulder Canyon's natural environment. Planned studies will employ innovative research methods by integrating CIS spatial modeling, remote sensing, and user interviews.  Read More

Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art (BMoCA) seeks recognition for its dedication to artistic innovation, imaginative exploration of ideas, commitment to creatively engaging the community in the museum experience, and embrace of diverse aesthetics and ideas.  Read More

Boulder Shelter for the Homeless and Boulder Housing Partners  The Boulder County Houseing First (BCHF) program was created to shrink the chronically homeless population in Boulder County.  The Housing First model has turned conventional thinking about how to serve the chronically homeless population on its head.  Theis model moves clients immediately into housing stability with the support needed to help them stabilize other aspects of their lives.  Read More

Boulder Youth Biz: The Boulder Loft is the only indoor play space and the only teen-only night club in Boulder! The Boulder Loft's unique ability to offer social and recreational activities, as well as educational and extra-curricular learning, makes it a space unlike any Boulder has ever seen.  We enable teens and families alike to access services that are critical to their long-term health and well-being, as well as providing a space exclusively for them to come and unwind. A cornerstone of The Boulder Loft's business plan is the dual-use space, revenue from the morning PlayDates program pays the rent and overhead allowing the afternoons and evenings to be free for teen social and educational programming at low coast. Read More

BoulderReads! at the Boulder Public Library There are many hundreds of adult literacy programs across the country, but very, very few of them put as much attention as BoulderReads! does to getting the students to stop hiding and to begin celebrating their progress--and even fewer of those literacy programs focus on reading and writing (rather than on teaching English as a Second Language). Giving adults with only recently-developing reading and writing skills the opportunity to share their words with other people is something most adult basic educationi programs do not particularly value or celebrate, and for those that do, doing so through a professionally-produced book is even less common.  Read More

Bridge House's Ready to Work--Boulder's first transitional employment program for homeless individuals--has been developed in response to a glaring gap in employment services for homeless individuals in Boulder.  It creates paid transitional work opportunities as the core element of a comprehensive program providing a pathway to independence for homeless men and women.  In addition to paid work in social enterprise, Ready to Work provides support services, such as case management, financial management adn sobriety support, to help trainees remove barriers to work during the six month program. Read More

CareConnect launched Medical Mobility in 2008 and has been able to meet the needs of clients requiring more than a drop-off transportation service.  The scope and size of the geographic service area for Medical Mobility is broad and includes suburban and rural communities.  Because of the Medical Mobility program, people all throughout Boulder County can now receive regular healthcare no matter their location or distance to medical facility or ability to pay. Read More

Center for Resource Conservation (CRC) partnered, in 2009, with a private family foundation to provide solar PV systems to local schools.  In 2011, the CRC used a grant from the Governor's Energy Office to convert this program into a energy conservation competition that measured electricity saved at BVSD and St. Vrain schools and deemed energy savings in their community.  Read More

Child Learning Center (CLC) has been recognized as a leader in providing quality education in an inclusive classroom to typically developing children and children with special needs and also in the assessment of toddler and preschool-age children. The following innovative programs in the CLC have been realized as a result of exploring current advancements in research; recognizing trends in demographics; and identifying the needs of families, children, and service providers. Read More 

Circle of Care works to promote the full inclusion, well-being and independence of vulnerable older adults and seniors with disabilities by removing the barriers to life enhancing community resources which ensure opportunities to age well as fully engaged participants in community life.  Read More

Clean Energy Action is based in Boulder, Colorado and works at the local, state and national level to accelerate the transition to the post-fossil fuel world based on clean energy. It was founded on principles of sound, rigorous research and clear, unbiased communication of those findings to the public in the interest of creating a responsible, sustainable future for Boulder, the State of Colorado, and the generations that will come after us.  Read More

Colorado Participation Project's mission is to guide, train, and support nonprofits in their advocacy and civic engagement efforts. Its Service Providers and Civic Engagement (SPaCE) Project is a national and state innovation that has gained a high profile and widespread interest.  The SPaCE Project will demonstrate nonprofits' distinct impact in moving their clients to participate civically in the 2012 elections and in 2012 public education efforts and campaigns. Read More

Colorado Shakespeare Festival (CSF) and the Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence (CSPV) have partnered for a first-of-its-kind project. This is the first time that a nonprofit arts organization has partnered together with a research team at the University of Colorado Boulder to create a program for school-aged children that examines, educates, and provides hands-on activities to help prevent violence in schools.  Read More

Community Action Development Corporation brought the "Circles Campaign," a national best practice model, to Boulder County because ti places the low-income participants at the center of the circle--in charge of their lives building their strengths and engaging all aspects of the community in supporting their direction toward self-sufficiency. Two things make the Circles Campaign unique--increasing the social capital of Circle Leaders and strong community engagement. Read More

Community Cycles created an outlet for the local community to donate abandoned, unwanted, or outgrown bikes and bike parts with the aim of giving them new life in the hands of needy individuals, for transportation or recreation. Community Cycle's leadership was certain that giving out free bikes would do little to empower or integrate disenfranchised individuals into the larger community of bike commuters. These would-be cyclists needed a welcoming space to learn about bicycle safety. The Earn-a-Bike program was born. Read More

Cool Girls Science & Art Club engages young girls in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathmatics (STEAM) so they have the desire, confidence, and skills to sustain their contribution to the community throughout their personal, academic, and professional journeys. Cool Girls has been contracted to convene the new Colorado Collaborative for Girls in STEM. This is the first time such a multicultural collaboration of volunteers has brought together Boulder County organizations to focus specifically on providing ongoing STEAM career development opportunities that are selected and evaluated by elementary-age girls themselves and supported by STEAM mentors and parents. Read More

Cottonwood Institute is on mission to connect diverse students to the outdoors and empower them to improve their schools, the community, and the environment for future generations. Its approach is unique because Cottonwood collaborates with public schools and youth organizations in the Boulder/Denver area to deliver award-winning environmental education and service-learning programs that utilize best practices in educationi that are hands-on, project-based, student-directed, and multi-disciplinary. Cottonwood states five reasons that its programs are innovative and successful. Read More

Dare to Do  Jewish Together-Boulder is a collaborative effort of Boulder's synagogues and the Boulder JCC. Our vision is a Jewish community that is engaged and vibrant. We realize that to reach people where they are in the 21st century, we need to revolutionize the way we thik about our individual organizations and the larger community.  Read More

Educate!'s mission is to develop young leaders and entrepreneurs in Africa.  We are currently in Uganda because it has the youngest population in the world and the highest youth unemployment rate. There are critical challenges facing youth, yet the current education system in Uganda--as much of the world--leaves the next generation unprepared to create and lead solutions. We work within schools to transform the purpose of education with a first of its kind curriculum setting up a new model of education for countries in Africa and beyond. Read More

Foothills United Way's Personal Investment Enterprise Program, and Individual Development Account (IDA) program was established in October 2001 as part of a collaboration with Community Action Programs (CAP) of Boulder County to provide IDA's, matched savings accounts to low-income individuals, for the prupose of acquiring a permanent asset of a home, edeucation or development of a new business. Read More

Frequent Flyers Productions' mission is to create and promote the magic of aerial dance through performance and education. Two years ago, the demand for our community classes outpaced the availability of suitable venues to hang trapezes, aerial silks, ropes, bungee, and unique invented apparatus. This led to the creation of the largest Aerial Dance School in Colorado. The school is innovative in multiple way! Read More

Global Education Fund improves the lives of children living in poverty around the world through education. It is committed to creating lasting change in developing countries through investments that treat the causes, and not just the symptoms, of under-development. Read More

Grillo Health Information Center is unique across the country in that its mission is served by a core of trained volunteer researchers. As an independent non-profit, these volunteers offer compassionate, personalized research to anyone struggling to understand their healh or health condition. Read More

Growe Foundation   Prior to the work of celebrity Chef, Jamie Oliver, or Michelle Obama's school garden initiatives, Growe was working in Boulder to tackle the problem of why only 20% of youth ate the recommended number of health promoting fruits and vegetables. Growe continues to be on the forefront of nationwide efforts to integreate into public education, academic learning experiences that teach students about the interconnectedness between humans and nature, and the role that food choice plays in human health and environmental stewardship.  Read More

I Have a Dream Foundation of Boulder County motivates adn empowers children from low-income communities to reach their education adn career goals by providing a long-term intervention program. While a few generous donors stepped up during the early years of the organization to fund entire Dreamer classes, it was a model that proved to be challenging to sustain over an extended period of time. In response, the board of directors developed the Sponsor a Dream Multi-Donor Model to encourage several individuals, families, and businesses to donate funds to sponsor one or more ro raise funds to sponsor four new Dreamer classes, making our affiliate the largest in the country. Read More

Imagine!  The first three years of life are extremely important in the development of any child, but for children with developmental delays or disabilities, they offer a critical window for intervention.  Therefore, in 1999, Imagine! launced a unique service, teh Community Calendar Activities (CCA) program, to help parents overcome the emotional and financial obstacles that might prevent them from accessing the variety of environments and activities so important to their children's development during this crucial time. CCA offers non-disabled members of the community an opportunity to experience more--and more positive--interactions with children who have disabilities--building a stronger and more inclusive community. Read More

Impact on Education has partnered with Google to provide resources to implement a 3-year pilot project titled STREAM. Impact created this program, in partnership with BVSD, to address struggling science learners in elementary and middle school.  Using the TMTH model of instruction, new non-fiction science books will be downloaded onto (-pod shuffles and used by students in grades 3 thorugh 5.  Read More

Inn Between provides transitional housing and services for diverse homeless individuals an dfamilies to help them achieve self-sufficiency. The Inn is classified as a homeless shelter and it is the only transitional housing comples located in Longmont where individuals and families can stay up to 24 months. Read More

Joseph's Journey is dedicated to providing wilderness experiences to children with terminal and life-threatening illnesses. It provides a unique service. Established wish-granting organizations provide vacations and other experiences, but they do not offer wilderness adventures. Read More

KidCommute makes riding and walking to school a way of life.  The Boltage program uses advanced technology to track which children are walking or riding to school on a daily basis and a website that presents the data, making it simple to run effective incentive programs that reward children for their efforts. It addresses several shortcomings witih other existing programs that encourage kids to ride and walk to school. Read More

Lemon Sponge Cake Contemporary Ballet's mission is to create innovative choreography under visionary artistic direction, via production of contemporary  ballet world premieres in collaboration with world-class ballet dancers and performance partners, while offering the finest in ballet and contemporary dance education to the next generation and to the community at-large. Its extensive ground-breaking, contemporary repertoire is known by the international dance scene, forging invaluable connections with professionals throughout the United States and Europe, and highlights the city of Boulder a cultural destination. Read More

Longmont Surgical Mission  provides free surgical services to the most needy patients in the Longmont United Hospital catchment area. Dr. Elzinga reached out to the Longmont medical community to create a pro-bono surgery program with local physicians and with nonprofit Longmont United Hospital donating space, supplies, equipment, and staff. This program streamlines shysicians' individual pro-bono efforts into a single day once every three months. Salud Family Health Clinic in Longmont is the medical home for the majority of the patients Longmont Surgical Mission treats. Salud's employees volunteer their time to these clients providing patient navigation services including translation and transportation. Read More

Longmont Community Justice Partnership has a unique approach to resolving the harm of crime and conflict by utilizing the values and practices of restorative justice.  When wrongdoing occurs, restorative justice engages three parties with equal voice in finding a resolution: offenders, victims, and community.  Read More

Lyons Redstone Museum discovers and collects any material which may help to establish or illustrate the history of the area; its exploration, settlemetn, development and activities in peace and in war. The museum was very fortunate to find 20 1908 stereoviews and to obtain an extensive collection from a local birdman. Read More

Meals on Wheels of Boulder's Project Homecoming works through Boulder Community Hospital discharge supervisors and related personnel to provide five free home-delivered meals, geared to specific dietary restrictions and guidelines, to any patient leaving the hospital who may not have a source for meals upon discharge. Read More

Medicine Horse Program's (MHP) mission is to enhance the lives of at-risk clients, particularly teens, through therapeutic interaction with horses. The Temple Grandin School serves exceptional students with Asperger's Sundrome and similar learning profiles. MHP approached the Temple Grandin School with the idea of a collaboration. This is a first of a kind program in Boulder County using equiine assisted psychotherapy to focus exclusively on social disorders and anxiety in children with Asperger's. It is a first-of-its-kind collaboration with the new Temple Grandin School. Read More

OUR Center, El Comite de Longmont, and Workforce Boulder County created a unique community event. The Resource and Job Fair was designed to address and prevent crisis for hundreds of families in our community through this first-of-its-kind fair for the unemployed throughout Boulder County.  The partnering agencies' goals in providing information and resource referrals were to help keep food on tables, roofs over people's heads, adn families together during their period of unemployment.  The goal of bringing in employers was to open doors for the unemployed to secure jobs. Read More

Pearl Group, in its fifth year, changes and saves lives of single parents and their children. It provides the education to move single parents from relying on government assistance to sustainability. Read More

Phoenix Multisport was launched in 2007 in Boulder to offer a unique approach to combat substance abuse by fostering a supportive, physically active community for individuals who are ini recovery from substance abuse and those who choose to love a sober life. Phoenix Multisport's innovative approach is based on three unique principles. Read More

Safe Shelter of St. Vrain Valley's Legal Advocate consulted with Boulder County Legal Services in the development of the Expanded Legal Services Program (ELSP). This program facilitates justice for domestic violence victims by removing barriers, facilitatiing victim empowerment, and ensuring access to skilled, effective counsel. ELSP is unique in its utilization of a cadre of legal experts who are willing to work for reduced fees and/or pro bono, and who have the diversity of expertise necessary to represent victims ini a wide array of complex cases. This model program is unlike anything offered by other domestic violence service providers in Colorado. Attorneys who have worked with ELSP have expressed their gratitude at being able to receive 'low-bono' fees for serving clients in complex cases when pro bono representation would be a burden. Read More

Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Nonviolence is a human rights organization commiteed to ending violence against adults, youth and children through support, advocacy, education adn community organizing. Its core mission is to provide safe, confidential, short-term shelter, but increasingly survivors face such significant obstacles to self-sufficience and stability they end up cycling in and out of shelter. The Transcendence Transitional Houseing Project is the delivery of broader, deeper, longer, more comprehensive support and advocacy to domestic violence survivors, while at the same time providing safe, stable, and long-term housing. Read More

Sister Carmen Community Center (SCCC) provides basic needs and self sufficiency assistance to the residents of East Boulder County. Although SCCC has taken a holistic approach for years, you will see that 2012 marks several important beginnings for us. SCCC became an official Family Resource Center and provides holistic servies for families, holistic approaches to health and wellness, and a holistic approach to caring for the planet.  Read More

Second Wind Fund and Stories on Stage have been saddened and moved to action by suicide of far too many youths in our community. This has motivated us to create an innovative program which will increase awareness and provide resources to young people in our community that are troubled by thoughts of suicide, or may have friends that are struggling. Read More

Teens, Inc. Chinook West High School empowers youth and their families to make healthy choices and thrive. One of its goals is to offer a quality alternative for youth who are at-risk for dropping out of school through Chinook West high school, which helps its students make positive choices, stay in school, and go on to college. Chinook West is the only contract school in Boulder Valley School District. It implements an educational philosophy typically used for high-performing studetns and is putting it to the test with at-risk students. Read More

Variety of Colorado strives to enhance quality of life for children in need, primarily those challenged by mobility issues. Through our Miracles in Motion program, Variety purchases and grants adaptive bicycles and othyer pediatric equipment to children for whom isurance, medicaid and private funds are not available. Read More

Via Mobility Services and Vermilion   Via's mission is to promote independence and self-sufficiency for people with limited mobility by providing caring, customer-focused transportation options. The Via campaign, developed in partnership with Vermilion, is an integrated marketing and public relations program.  There is an exciting energy that encircles our new name and our more well-publicized services. Read More

YMCA of Boulder Valley works side-by-side with its neighbors to make sure that everyone regardless of age, income, or background, has the opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive. Healthy Kids and Families is a free program, created to support youth and families to live a healthy live in a hectic world. It is a partnership with Heart Smart Kids, Inc., Whole Food Market and the Boulder Valley School District. Individually each organization would not have the impact that we do together.  Read More