Berenice El Gharamti


Berenice El Gharamti, a Mexican native and travel enthusiast, received her master’s degree in Environmental Engineering in Saudi Arabia. Other countries she has lived in include Turkey, Italy, and Norway, where she worked researching climate change. Berenice currently works at City and County of Denver implementing equitable policies for the new Energize Denver Building Performance Ordinance. Before, she managed the Sustainable Business Program at the City of Longmont and worked with the business community on implementing sustainable and DEI practices that lead to the creation of the first equitable sustainable business program in the country. She also sat at the Latino Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors for 4 years. Through her work with the Chamber, Berenice has supported hundreds of Latino businesses through the COVID-19 crisis, coordinated community equity clinics and advocated for equitable financial resources distribution. Some of Berenice’s favorite figures are Elon Musk and Batman. Though the two have very different origin stories, they both rose to make a great impact in their respective communities. While Batman may be fictional, both he and Elon Musk inspire Berenice to one day do something that influences the world.