BRAVO Fund Empowers Latinos

Radio Show Host: 
Maegan Vallejo

Latinos are the largest and fastest growing ethnic group in Boulder County. However, just because the census numbers are changing in our county doesn't mean our personal networks and institutions are. Almost every major issue in Boulder County, whether it's access to education, affordable housing, or well-paying jobs, has a greater impact on Latinos than non-Latinos. The Community Foundation’s BRAVO Fund was established in 2014 as a way to help address some of these issues. BRAVO encourages interested individuals to pool their charitable dollars for grant-making to Latino communities, thereby promoting social justice, strengthening opportunities for leadership, and empowering Latinos to give to a fund that will benefit their own communities. The Community Foundation’s Maegan Vallejo will host “A Public Affair” on February 22 at 8:35am. Guests will include Benita Duran, Chair of the BRAVO Fund and former Chair of The Community Foundation’s Board of Trustees; Carmen Ramirez, BRAVO Fund Advisory Committee member and current Trustee of The Community Foundation; and Deborah Gardner, Boulder County Commissioner.