Building a Latino Parent Revolution

Radio Show Host: 
Chris Barge

The achievement gap between Latino and Anglo students is wider in Boulder County than just about anywhere else in Colorado. The Community Foundation is working directly with Latino parents to help fight this trend, through a new program called Engaged Latino Parents Advancing School Outcomes. Two years in, ELPASO has reached more than 1,600 Latino parents of 0-5 year olds, and trained 50 Latino parent leaders who have hosted more than 200 house meetings and trained hundreds more parents. Our host, Chris Barge, directs ELPASO in his role as Director of the Foundation's School Readiness Initiative. His guests are two of the Latino parents at the heart of this Latino parent revolution: Veronica Sangabriel, one of ELPASO's three School Readiness Coordinators, and Chely Meraz, a Latino parent leader who has been transformed by ELPASO and has helped transform other parents through ELPASO.