Impact of the current socio/political climate on our own community, Part 2

Radio Show Host: 
Elvira Ramos

The Community Foundation Boulder County hosts part two of a series about the impact of the current socio/political climate on our own community. Members of our community—especially those most vulnerable and underrepresented—are experiencing increased aggressions on both micro and macro levels. In the first program, we introduced the problem, illustrated how it can affect individuals and families, and introduced the concept of being a bystander and/or ally. In the second program we will dig deeper into the impacts on our broader community, the importance of empathy, and explore how someone can be an ally.

Elvira Ramos, Vice President of Programs and Inclusive Leadership hosts Dr. Glenda Russell, psychotherapist, researcher, teacher, and activist; Mardi Moore, Executive Director of OUT Boulder County; and Carmen Ramirez, Community and Neighborhood Resources Manager for the City of Longmont.