$100K Match For COVID-19 Response Fund Boulder County: Thank you Brad Feld & Amy Batchelor

Brad Feld and Amy Batchelor announced last night that they are putting up a $100K match for the COVID-19 Response Fund Boulder County.

Brad has been using his blog, Feld Thoughts, to encourage others to make the most out of being home - whether it be working, taking spring break, or celebrating St. Patrick's Day. When your Community Foundation Boulder County announced the COVID-19 Response Fund Boulder County, Brad and Amy took their leadership a step further and were among the first to donate. 

We, at your Community Foundation, have been impressed by the generosity of this community. People are picking up groceries for neighbors, being nice to one another in long lines, inquiring about volunteer opportunities, and taking prevention efforts seriously. Let's all keep taking care of one another, and follow Brad and Amy's example.

Please join them and make a gift - of any size - today. You can give online or by contacting a member of our philanthropic services team (303.442.0436 x103).

Click here to give to the COVID-19 Response Fund Boulder County.