2018-2019 Leadership Fellows class: “remarkably passionate”

As the 2018-2019 Leadership Fellows class nears its graduation on July 9, its organizers are full of admiration.
“Every class is special – this year’s class even more so,” says Elvira Ramos, Vice President of Programs and Inclusive Leadership, reflecting on the current class of Leadership Fellows Boulder County. “Every year, we’re thrilled to work with such incredible emerging leaders, and to have the time and commitment from Boulder County’s most highly regarded current leaders.”
Indeed, Leadership Fellows – combining the strengths of your Community Foundation and the Boulder Chamber’s long-standing commitment and experience in local leadership and building an inclusive community – offers participants a broadly-based overview of Boulder County’s economic, civic, and cultural drivers.
“Leadership Fellows drove home for me how hard it is to have conversations around inclusion,” Magnolia Landa-Posas recently shared with us.
Among the program’s upcoming alumni, Magnolia continues, “The process of being there for those conversations, despite how hard they can be, is incredibly important. Leadership Fellows paves the way for honest conversations through compassion and understanding.
“I really appreciate how Leadership Fellows pushes us to consider issues around inclusion, diversity, and equity when we talk about leadership in Boulder County.”
Adds Karen Kruse, the Boulder Chamber’s Vice President for Finance and Chief Operating Officer: “This year’s class of Leadership Fellows is a remarkably passionate group of emerging leaders, many of whom were already deeply engaged in the current issues facing Boulder County and contributed significantly to the program’s discussions.
“We’ve been honored to have a class of Fellows who are actively committed to increasing their community engagement, and we look forward to seeing them continue to influence Boulder County for the better as community leaders.”
With an overall success rate of 80%, graduates of the program commit to taking on local leadership roles within six months (e.g., join a nonprofit or government board or commission, work on a candidate or initiative campaign, lead a neighborhood or school association, or run for office).


Your Community Foundation and the Boulder Chamber are now accepting applications for the next Leadership Fellows Boulder County class, which starts September 17. Applications are due on July 8: learn more, spread the word and apply!