Are you ready to talk about race in Boulder?

We in Boulder remain in the throes of two pandemics: COVID-19 and our own reckoning with race relations. The Boulder Police confrontation last year with Zayd Atkinson (pictured here) sparked a local conversation about police bias that still reverberates as we grapple with the police killings of George Floyd and others across the country.

As we wait for our turn to receive the first shots of the new vaccine, we invite you to participate in a community conversation about the racial divide in our local community. 
We will begin with four cohorts of approximately 10 participants each who will meet, virtually and biweekly over dinner, four times between January and March 2021. Participants will receive gift cards redeemable for a meal to be delivered to their home ahead of each meeting. 
Join us as we break bread, share stories, and engage in honest and difficult conversations about race and how we can help change inequities in our personal lives and on a policy level. Anyone aged 18 or over is welcome to apply. We especially invite people of color to do so.
To express interest in joining a facilitated conversation, please complete this form