Call for submissions

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Community Foundation Boulder County is creating a video that highlights the strength of our community coming together to support one another this year, and we need your help: please submit your existing or new video footage that shows these trying times, as well as acts of service, kindness, community, and learning. We're interested in your perspective on what it means to be a good friend, neighbor, and community member. Video from your camera phone is great! EXTENDED DEADLINE: September 7.

The footage may also be shared on Community Foundation social media channels, as well as in their end-of-year fundraising campaign: #CommunityMatters. There is an honorarium for individuals whose videos are used in the final video. 
Here are a few suggestions to spark the imagination, but please send as many as you can. 
  • Doing something nice for a neighbor (e.g., an elderly or homebound neighbor, neighbors with kids, etc.) 
  • Funny / beautiful / sad / lonely / intimate / hair pulling moments (e.g., candlelit dinner for one, or your kid has unravelled all of your toilet paper)
  • Planting a community garden 
  • Zoom calls with grandparents, friends, teachers
  • Friendly visit through a window / socially distanced 
  • Creating a sign or showing support for our essential workers / teachers / students, etc.
  • Playing music for neighborhood concert
  • Colorado Howl 
  • Food distribution / drive-through  
  • Volunteering or working to meet other community needs 
  • Black Lives Matter and social justice marches 
  • Siblings helping each other (e.g., big kid teaching little kid to ride a bike) 
  • Key celebrations this year (e.g., graduations, pregnancy, new babies) 
  • Yourself being a friend 
  • Sewing masks
  • Interesting ways how you are connecting with others 
Horizontal (landscape) video is preferred. Try to be steady. You can include yourself in the video by taking a selfie or setting the phone down, or show what your hands are doing. Look for moments of interaction and emotion. You don’t need to narrate, but it’s fine to record any natural sound or voices. Anywhere from 10 to 60 seconds in length. 
Community Foundation Boulder County requests a signed release form from each person appearing in videos, unless the footage is captured at a public event. Parents or guardians will need to sign on behalf of children and youth under the age of 18. Download here and upload with your footage. 
Share your videos with us by uploading to Google Drive with your name in the file name or folder or texting the Community Foundation at 720.280.2123 with your name in the text.