Community Foundation Boulder County Welcomes Four New Board Members

For more than three decades, the community foundation has worked hard to support the needs of the Boulder County community. Our trustees bring expertise and perspective to our work, and today, we’re thrilled to announce the four dedicated community members who are joining our Board of Trustees.  
Community Foundation Boulder County is thrilled to announce that Meredith Carlton, Deb Gardner, Reina Pomeroy, and Rafael Salgado have joined Community Foundation Boulder County’s Board of Trustees. These four new members bring a wealth of knowledge and experience that will help our board as it continues to guide the work of the community foundation to nurture and activate the ideas, generosity, and leadership of the community to galvanize resources and support equitable solutions for all who live and work in Boulder County. 


Meredith Carlton

Meredith has 15 years of experience in the financial services industry. She began her career in 2008 at UBS in Austin, TX as a Client Service Associate. She later became a part of the management team working as the Complex Risk Analyst before becoming the Market Supervisory Officer for the Central Texas Market Area where she managed compliance across eight UBS branch offices. In 2017, Meredith moved to Colorado and joined the UBS Boulder office as a financial advisor. 
Meredith holds the Chartered SRI Counselor bringing specific knowledge to clients around current trends and best practices related to sustainable, responsible and impact investing. 
Meredith grew up in Vero Beach, Florida and attended Rhodes College in Memphis, TN where she received her bachelor's degree in Business Administration. Meredith lives in the Boulder area with her husband Chris and their three girls, Sinclair, Katherine and Paige. Meredith serves on the Development Committee for the Community Foundation of Boulder County as well as the board.  


Originally from Illinois, Deb has lived in Colorado since 1986 and in Boulder County since 1994. She holds degrees in biology from Knox College in Illinois and accounting from Metropolitan State College of Denver. Deb’s professional experience includes time as Senior Accountant for Eco-cycle and Assistant Controller at Western Disposal Services. In addition to her experience in accounting, Deb served as the former chair and treasurer of the Boulder County Democratic Party, was elected to the state legislature in 2010, and spent nine years as a Boulder County Commissioner.  


Reina Pomeroy 

Reina Pomeroy is a Marshall Fire total loss survivor and co-founder of Marshall Together, a grassroots non-profit organization built by fire survivors with the mission to get as many people home as possible. Early in the Marshall Fire recovery process, Reina leveraged her professional background in virtual community building and built a Slack and email list of verified fire survivors. This resource has become the source of truth for many who are in the process of recovering. Through organizing and partnerships, the Marshall Together organization has been able to advocate for tangible changes that have put millions of dollars back into the pockets of survivors and gotten more families home at an unprecedented speed of recovery. 


Rafael has served as Cal-Wood Education Center Executive Director since 1999. As wildlife biologist, he spent his earlier years studying wildlife and ecosystems in Mexico so they could be protected. He has committed his life to connecting kids and families to nature. After years of developing environmental education programs for youth and teachers in both Mexico and Colorado, he has become a catalyst for helping underserved populations, including low-income students and their families, to discover how beautiful and accessible the outdoors can be. Rafael is a true professional as well, contributing his knowledge and expertise to many other local and national initiatives and programs as well as serving on several boards. He has been recognized and honored with numerous awards for his outstanding contributions in environmental and outdoor education.