Community Partner Profile: Maureen and Jorge Espinoza

Maureen and Jorge Espinoza have been friends of the community foundation and the wider community for many years. Between serving on Community Trust grant review committees, being a key partner in forming the Women’s Philanthropy Group, launching the WPG’s first collective giving project to amplify the work of the Community Trust, and lending wisdom and insight about issues facing our county, they are key partners in envisioning the equitable Boulder County future we are all striving to create.  

Can you tell us about your history in Boulder County? 

Jorge and I came to Boulder to attend the University of Colorado and have lived here for most of the three decades since. We met at Moe’s Broadway Bagel out of a shared love of cycling, and all these years later we’re still riding bikes and eating bagels.  

How did you get connected with the community foundation? 

In the early 2000's some friends worked for the foundation and invited us to several community events. We were super impressed with the impact the foundation has in the community and have been happy to be involved ever since. 

What are some of your favorite memories of your involvement with the community foundation?  

Getting a sense of the issues facing the county first-hand has been really inspiring to me. I’ve served on the Community Trust grant review committees multiple times, including this past year. I have also gone to meet with grantees to learn more about their work. What I have learned during those experiences has changed the way I think about Boulder County and the role of the foundation. The trust-based philanthropy is so inspiring and the way the grantees are decided by consensus by volunteers is a beautiful process to witness. I truly appreciate the chance to learn more about the different programs serving our community, their impact as well as their needs.  
One specific favorite memory is from a gathering of the Women’s Philanthropy Group last spring. I attended an event which consisted of a panel of leaders of local non-profits telling their stories. Perla Delgado, Executive Director of “I Have a Dream” Foundation Boulder County, was one of the presenters. I met her there during the social time before the panel, and we immediately connected on several fronts, but especially around the people “I Have a Dream” Foundation serves. We had a follow-up meeting a few weeks later and I was leaving another board and “I Have a Dream” Foundation was looking for new board members. I felt this would be a fantastic opportunity to get involved in their wonderful work. I am inspired and impressed with Perla's example of service leadership. I am so grateful for the opportunities to connect more deeply with the issues in Boulder County that the Women’s Philanthropy Group has created. 

Can you tell us about the Women’s Philanthropy Group Community Trust amplification efforts?  

This was a brilliant idea coming out of our meetings this past year. As some may know, the grant requests for the Community Trust far exceed the amount available to grant, so the WPG pooled our resources to amplify the funding for grant recipients in Education and Health and Human Services. The members of the WPG were excited to do some collective giving and make an impact this year. I’m so excited that this has come together!