Community Partner Spotlight: Bryan Cave

“The way I see it, no one should take all the good things about Boulder County for granted,” says Chris Hazlitt, Managing Partner of Bryan Cave, among the Community Foundation’s valued community partners. “As a community, we can’t afford to take for granted everything that makes Boulder County a great place to live. 

“That’s why it’s up to all local employers to support the community. For us at Bryan Cave, the Community Foundation Boulder County is an ideal way to do that. It’s very important to our firm to be a part of all the communities where we have offices.” 
Chris, formerly Chair of our Board of Trustees, cites the foundation’s deep understanding of our community’s strengths and opportunities, as continually tracked, measured, and shared in our biennial TRENDS Report. “Foundation board and staff don’t just assume they know our community’s needs,” he continues. “They research those needs and make transparent, informed decisions that help local nonprofits solve problems – and then put resources to their best use.
“The foundation is a great connector, matching resources to needs. The Community Foundation also responds quickly in emergencies, like floods and fires, bringing people together and mobilizing resources where they’re most needed.”
Chris further lauds TRENDS as “a model in the philanthropic world.”
“The research and reporting in TRENDS set a gold standard in the philanthropic sector, across the country,” he explains. “It’s an innovative publication that’s widely read, used, and relied on – it’s not just a magazine that you glance through, and then throw out. We have copies of TRENDS in our reception area for people to look at all year.”
Especially, though, Chris is impressed with the foundation’s role in providing mentorship and fostering credibility among local nonprofits. “The foundation lifts up our nonprofit community, and the good work that’s being done. 
“Foundation staff are true professionals with an enormous depth of knowledge, along with a spirit of compassion and concern – they encourage philanthropy that makes a difference, and they mentor dozens and dozens of nonprofits, helping them to get better at what they do.”
Chris also believes the foundation’s ability to provide visibility to our community’s challenges is key to positive change. “There’s a long list of problems and issues that we grapple with in Boulder County, and the foundation is an ideal vehicle to help address and solve them,” he says. “From our homeless population to our aging population to affordable housing, substance abuse issues, and the work of the Open Door Fund – the Community Foundation brings all the diverse communities of Boulder County together. Because we can always do better.”