Community partners help facilitate building purchase

On Dec. 9, the Community Foundation Boulder County purchased the Spruce Street building where its offices reside. Thanks to the pro bono expertise and guidance of several partners in the community, the foundation’s transition to property owner and landlord went off without a hitch. 

Becky Gamble, President of Dean Callan & Company, helped foundation leadership consider all angles of the acquisition from a real estate perspective. “What the Community Foundation does for our community is phenomenal,” says Becky. “The opportunity to help them in any way was truly an honor.
“The Community Foundation hits the heart of the community, addressing challenges that we don’t necessarily see every day – and helping a lot of people, especially those who sometimes get forgotten in an affluent community like Boulder.”
Recalling her father’s commitment to serve on bank and hospital boards, Becky and her son, Beau – a Broker Associate at the same company, who also helped guide the foundation’s real estate decisions – hold fast to a family tradition of community service. “We believe it’s a responsibility of the business community to help communities thrive,” she says. “We’re involved with lots of organization, and I’ve served on a variety of boards. I can’t imagine it any other way.
“It’s very gratifying. Whatever you’re involved in, you always get so much more out of it than you put into it. Both Beau and I can tell you that the people at the Community Foundation are so fabulous and enjoyable to work with, it was a privilege to help them out … and the important work they do.”
Specifically, Becky and Beau provided market knowledge for various possible scenarios, including leasing opportunities. 
At the same, Bryan Biesterfeld – an attorney with Robinson Waters & O'Dorisio, P.C. and a former board chair of the Community Foundation – provided pro bono legal counsel. “I’ve been associated with the foundation for about 10 years. I believe they do great work in creating leaders and building community in Boulder County, and making this a great place to live,” he says. 
“I have the utmost respect for Josie Heath and the staff of the foundation. So, for me, it’s an easy decision to be involved.”
Bryan guided foundation leadership through the purchase and sale of real estate, and the full leasing of the building. “All leases were coming due on January 1. So we renewed existing leases and secured new ones,” he says. He also helped with project financing at favorable interest rates. 
“With three kids approaching college, it’s easier for me to donate time than money,” adds Bryan. “I also appreciate that my law firm encourages its attorneys to do pro bono work. 
“Leadership from the Colorado Supreme Court suggests a certain number of pro bon hours per attorney. Collectively, our attorneys always meet that goal. We believe that, beyond making money and profits, it’s important to be a part of the fabric of our community.” 
Our great thanks to Becky, Beau and Bryan – and our other supporters and partners – for helping us to accomplish more together than we do alone.