COVID-19 Respond Fund Boulder County announces Request for Proposals

Community Foundation Boulder County is seeking proposals from nonprofits in Boulder County that are providing essential services to Boulder County residents who are vulnerable members of the community and experiencing added hardships due to COVID-19; and/or, responding to increased demands for services from vulnerable populations, while facing their own financial challenges.
We estimate that close to $400K will be available to grant; minimum grants will be $3K. The deadline to apply is May 11, 2020. 
Priority will be given to proposals from organizations that meet any of these characteristics:
  • are working in collaboration with other organizations to address issues faced by vulnerable populations to protect their health; ensuring reach of information, services or assistance; meeting increased or new demands for services; reducing duplication and resource waste;
  • are attempting to address systems change to improve equity for vulnerable populations;
  • are led by leaders from the populations who are members of, or have lived experience similar to, the vulnerable populations the organization seeks to serve;
  • value lived experience as expertise, and work directly with members of their service population to design and inform their services; or
  • whose services are designed to address the needs of vulnerable members of the community.

Learn more and apply here

Community Foundation Boulder County’s COVID-19 Response Fund was created to support services to those who are most at risk of contracting the virus and are the most vulnerable in our community due to poverty or being a part of an historically underserved population. Learn more and contribute to the fund here