Donor-Advised Fundholder: Diane Israel

As an arts- and nature-loving Donor-Advised Fundholder with the Community Foundation Boulder County, Boulderite Diane Israel got involved with the foundation early on.

“To a person, foundation staff are experienced, enthusiastic, and brilliant – they’re a cohesive team that can help you though your questions and concerns. They’re always available and make you feel valued. The foundation makes giving easy, and they won’t turn anyone away.”
Diane says people get so wrapped up in their lives, they sometimes forget how important it is to give.
“When I moved to here, I wanted to do something awesome, something meaningful,” she says, recalling being inspired by former foundation President Josie Heath. “I wanted to do good service for others, and got my family involved with the foundation just as Josie started getting it going. With the death of my mom, we then set up the Israel Donor-Advised Fund.
“The Community Foundation is tuned in to the interests we care about as family, and responsive to what’s needed right now in our community. And I love that the foundation reminds us that we can do more when we work together for greater impact.”
Diane remembers several meetings with Josie and other staff to identify how to best support her passion for the environment – and our relationship to it – as well as the arts and education. “Giving back should fit into your life as part of your overall health,” she adds. “That’s how working with and for others becomes something organic, something to do together with your family.
“In this county, there’s only a small percentage of people who really give. One way to change that is for more people to know about the foundation, and the wonderfulness of being involved…and how easy the foundation makes it to donate to organizations that fit individuals’ specific interests.”
Concludes Diane, “We feel we can see our mom smiling at us when we collaborate and stay connected as a family by making a difference together in our community. In that sense, giving back is very personal…and it’s something you can do even if you don’t have a lot of wealth. Just give what you can give, and it raises the vibration for everyone.”