Donor-Advised Fundholder Spotlight: Dee Perry

“I was very fortunate to have had a successful career,” says Dee Perry, a donor and Donor-Advised Fundholder at Community Foundation Boulder County for over two decades. “I recognize that I’ve had the benefit of a good education, and access to services within this community. To give back – and to focus my philanthropy and how best to dedicate my time – I decided to concentrate on education and healthcare.

“I found that – under these two umbrellas – there are innumerable worthy organizations and opportunities across Boulder County.”
Accordingly, Dee says her first “significant forays into nonprofit engagement” were with the Boulder Valley School District, “I Have a Dream” Foundation of Boulder County, and TRU Community Care (formerly Hospice Care of Boulder and Broomfield Counties) – all of which are, or have been, grantees of the Community Foundation.   
She also established a Donor-Advised Fund (DAF) at Community Foundation Boulder County when her daughter and son were in middle school to get them involved in philanthropy. “That fund is named after them, and they focus donations out of that fund on environmental causes – their passion,” she explains. “They’re both grown now, and live in California – but they still direct donation decisions from this fund.

Deep Perry hiking with her son.

Dee Perry hiking with her son.

Dee Perry hiking with her son. 

“The other DAF we have at the foundation is for more local donations to nonprofit organizations throughout Boulder County.”
Dee concludes, “I have my ‘favorite’ organizations that I contribute to, and Community Foundation Boulder County is one of them.
“Donating to the Community Foundation is one of the easiest, most impactful ways to contribute to this wonderful community we live in. The foundation is our county’s go-to organization for nonprofits looking for resources, or wanting to collaborate with other organizations.
“Additionally, the Community Foundation conducts intense, rigorous research to publish its Boulder County TRENDS Report – as a result, the foundation knows how best to allocate monies donated to its Community Trust.”
For more information about Donor-Advised Funds – and to create a fund at your Community Foundation Boulder County of your own – contact our Philanthropic Services. As well, we hope you’ll consider supporting our annual operating fund in your year-end giving, enabling us to continue to be responsive to immediate community crises and other needs, while anticipating and preparing for future challenges and opportunities.