Donor spotlight: brothers Stuart and Walter Kingsbery

Some donors to the Community Foundation want a simple way to optimize their giving; others are experiencing a one-time financial or tax event that calls for making a large charitable gift. Still others – like brothers Stuart and Walter Kingsbery – are inspired to make their philanthropy a family venture. 

“The Community Foundation epitomizes the idea of coming together, and making philanthropy fun and impactful,” says Stuart, founder of Kingsbery CPAs and a former member of the foundation’s Board of Trustees. “That’s part of the reason why we chose the Community Foundation to establish the Kingsbery Friends & Family Fund.
“My brother and I had talked about how difficult it was to come up with Christmas presents for our family and friends every year. We wanted to create a way to make giving an easier and more rewarding experience, so we established a Donor-Advised Fund [DAF] with the foundation and let all our longtime group of friends know about it. 
“Our goal was to create a culture of giving among our circle of friends and family where we get together and talk about community needs, and how we can make a difference. We decided to focus on at-risk and disadvantaged youths, and we have a committee of four to determine where our grants go. 
“It’s important to give back, and establishing the fund became a good opportunity to organize a social gathering that’s fun, too.”
Stuart went on to say that the foundation’s DAF model turned out to be “the perfect fit” for benefitting more than a single organization. “We wanted to build an endowed fund, and the foundation made that possible – and efficient. We can pick and choose where to direct our grants as needs arise and change in the area of at-risk youth, and we can conduct site visits. And every year, the foundation provides a recap of how our grantees are doing. 
“We also draw on the foundation’s knowledge and expertise to make informed, intelligent decisions about our grantmaking. It’s a model that has served us well, without any hassle, yet still doing our due diligence.”