Donor Spotlight: Cherry-Rose Anderson and Aaron Brockett

To say that Cherry-Rose Anderson and Aaron Brockett care deeply about our community is an understatement. 

Cherry serves as treasurer of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) Boulder County; and Aaron is a member of Boulder’s City Council. The couple has also established a Donor-Advised Fund with your Community Foundation and, most recently, they’ve donated to our COVID-19 Response Fund Boulder County.  
“There’s so much going on right now,” says Cherry. “There are so many people in need, and so many organizations in need.
“The Community Foundation is very helpful in keeping track of it all, and getting money to the people and organizations that need it most…as efficiently as possible.”
Continues Cherry, “I really appreciate that our Community Foundation is taking equity concerns seriously by being as proactive as possible to ensure that our money goes to the organizations who serve the most vulnerable people in our community.”
She adds, “Boulder County has a robust nonprofit ecosystem, but people of color have their own networks…and there’s not always a lot of intersection or connection between them. The Community Foundation recognizes that, and is working to ensure that these networks support each other.”
Indeed, your Community Foundation established the COVID-19 Response Fund Boulder County to ensure essential services for community members who find themselves at the intersection of being most vulnerable to the virus and most impacted by inequity. The foundation’s promise is to be a catalyst, and to fight inequity by creating systems where all people can thrive – please join donors like Cherry and Aaron by investing in continuing access to care, food, hygiene, shelter, housing, and other services for our most vulnerable.