Donor Spotlight: Justine Vigil-Tapia

For Justine Vigil-Tapia, donating to the Community Foundation’s BRAVO Fund – focused on engaging local Latinos in philanthropy that builds resiliency and strengthens inclusivity – was an obvious fit.

“I was excited when I learned about BRAVO that it’s a directed fund specific to our Latino community,” she says. “I hadn’t see that before – and it reminded me of my childhood, growing up among parents and other family members helping each other within the community, and holding fundraisers for programs and organizations like the Latino American Education Foundation.
“So for me, the BRAVO Fund feels a little like coming home.”
So much so, that the lifelong resident of Boulder County – who grew up in Lafayette – came to set up a monthly donation to the BRAVO Fund. “It’s very easy and convenient to do, and – for me – it’s also about establishing a good habit. Donating monthly keeps me in touch with what’s important to me, and allows me to carry on the example of my family in giving back to the community around something you’re passionate about.”
Justine first became aware of the Community Foundation around 2009, and has since also come to rely on our TRENDS Report. “Seeing community data in quantifiable terms really shows how things have or haven’t changed, and whether we’re making progress,” she says. “With data, you recognize and realize the different needs in our community that you may not know about, even if you’ve lived here all your life.
“Through TRENDS, I started paying more attention to the Latino community, and thinking about how I – as a community member – could go about addressing some of the needs in this community.
On serving on the BRAVO Fund Advisory Committee, Justine adds, “One of the things I’ve come to realize is that, if you don’t have a seat at the table – or you’re not lending your voice as an advocate, or you’re not speaking up with a concern or a need – then you can’t be disappointed if you don’t see the outcomes you’d like to see.
“Being part of the committee provides the opportunity to contribute my voice, to help build community, and to begin to harness that power to collectively address the needs and gaps we know exist.”
Concludes Justine, “At different times in life, or in the life of a community, there are different needs. And sometimes a particular issue area or a particular population requires more attention than at other times. That’s why I support BRAVO now, because of its attention on the current needs of the local Latino community.”