Environmental Affinity Group provides inspiration, information, and connection among action-oriented donors

For donors of the Community Foundation whose philanthropy is focused on protecting and promoting our shared environment, the Environmental Affinity Group (EAG) is a springboard for action.

The group “convenes and inspires Boulder County environmental donors, building a connected and engaged community around environmental issues, connecting donors with environmental organizations, and providing opportunities for effective grantmaking,” according to its statement of purpose.

With some 65 participants and counting, EAG hosts educational events – including legislative briefings on pending environmental bills, relevant film screenings, discussions with expert ecologists and conservationists, and more.

Additionally, “EAG provides opportunities for donors to connect with various organizations, and learn more about local and global environmental issues and effective solutions,” says Ning Mosberger-Tang, a passionate environmental advocate, activist, and donor. “Building connections and staying informed are prerequisites for making collective impact on urgent issues we face, including the crisis of climate change."

"EAG is not only building a supportive community, it also helps direct resources in a more effective manner … and helps solve problems that each of us can’t solve on our own."

Among EAG participants, survey results show 67% are interested in climate change, 61% in energy, and 56% in population growth; other top areas of interest include environmental education, water, and pollination.

Since 2014, local philanthropists have granted more than $5 million through Donor-Advised Funds at the Community Foundation to organizations supporting environmental and animal causes. Additionally, more than $196,000 in grants via the foundation’s Community Trust grant cycle have been directed to Boulder County nonprofits that advance these causes. In 2019, the EAG aims to increase the foundation’s Environmental Trust endowment from $32,000 to $132,000.

To learn more contact Peggy Driscoll Peggy@commfound.org or 303.442.0436.

by Sabine Kortals Stein