Five companies generate $750K for philanthropy through Pledge 1% Colorado

It’s been 13 years since Pledge 1% Colorado (originally EFCO) was started to make it simple for startups to give back to their communities. In those 13 years, our network has created more than $11M in philanthropic funds, something we’re beyond proud to officially shout from the hills. More than 300 companies up and down the front range have made generosity a core tenet of their culture, helping shape the way our communities respond to their most pressing needs.  
Today, we celebrate the tenacity of our Colorado startup community after a tumultuous year. We’re pleased to share that five of our member companies were acquired during 2020, totaling more than $750K in philanthropic capital created during a year where we witnessed outsized need across every town and city in our state. Many of these “seeds” were planted years ago, with these businesses setting aside 1% of their equity (shares of stock), and we couldn’t be prouder to watch these companies double down on being outstanding corporate citizens.  
Please join us in celebrating the success of AltviaBrandfolderDizzionHalp, and Yonomi, and check out our website to learn more about Pledge 1% Colorado.