Grantee Spotlight: Think 360 Arts for Learning

At Think 360 Arts for Learning – a grantee of your Community Foundation – a dedicated team aims to nurture creativity and encourage children in lifelong arts involvement.

“We have 56 years’ experience delivering quality arts education programs to K-12 students, teachers, and communities through performing, visual, digital, and literary arts,” says Juliana Fajardo, Development and Marketing Coordinator. “Our Artists in Schools Program has been an essential part of our ongoing operations, and speaks directly to our mission. It’s the primary vehicle through which we’re able to bring quality arts programming to schools that would otherwise have little or no opportunity to receive such exposure.”
This spring, with Community Foundation support, Think 360 Arts Teaching Artists – Jess Webb and Adri Norris – will work with 7th- and 8th-graders at Meadowlark K-8 School in Erie. 
“Using a project-based learning model, students will explore the meaning of ‘walls’ through literary, metaphoric, and biological lenses,” explains Juliana. “They’ll discuss if and how walls are good and bad for humans and society.” 
Working closely with Meadowlark teachers, Think 360 Arts Teaching Artists will design a custom program that helps students delve into this topic through visual arts.   
In addition to providing opportunities for authentic arts experiences with professional artists, Think 360 Arts also helps students of all learning styles feel a sense of achievement in learning, social and character development, and self-awareness; and aids teachers in developing imaginative and alternative ways of teaching.