Inclusive Leadership for Nonprofits

PALABRAS & CIRCULOS: On Bias, Privilege, & Power
Please join us for the second in our series of virtual trainings crafted for nonprofit leaders about inclusive leadership. The series will help executive directors, leaders, and trustees gain a deeper understanding of inclusive leadership, learn concrete strategies to implement within their organizations, and network with non-profit leaders across Boulder County.
Thursday, April 1, 2:30-5 p.m.
This session, with Norma Johnson and Maya Sol, will explore the ways in which bias, privilege, and power inform our leadership. By way of storytelling and cultural practice, we will examine how the stories we hold in regard to power and privilege express themselves in our somatic experience and in perceptions of ourselves in the world. We will identify strategies for moving through spaces of shame, feelings of being stuck related to our stories, and provide avenues for connection, humility, and inclusive empowerment.
Norma Johnson (pictured above, left) is a spiritual healer, speaker, writer-poet-playwright, performance artist, consultant and facilitator who brings a creative background into her distinctive presentation form of social justice education and activism. Maya Sol (pictured above, right), MSW, LCSW, is a Xicana/Mestiza mujer, and activist, dancer, educator and licensed clinical social worker dedicated to raising awareness and political consciousness and empowering our community.
Alumni from the Boulder County Leadership Fellows program have created this event as well as the topics to be covered in the rest of the series. Subsequent topics will include:
Inclusive leadership and your strategic plan (April 29)
Adapting board culture for inclusive leadership
Managing for an inclusive culture
Outreach and relationship-building for recruiting and retention
Fundraising through an equity lens
Building inclusive leaders from within
We are grateful to the Colorado Health Foundation for their support and to the many hours dedicated to the project by our Leadership Fellows. Boulder County Leadership Fellows is a joint program of Community Foundation Boulder County and the Boulder Chamber.
Thank you. We hope to see you there!