Leadership Fellows Spotlight: David Dadone

“Leadership Fellows really helped me gain a sense of our community,” says David Dadone, who – since 2010 – serves as Executive Director and Chief Curator of the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art (BMoCA).

Indeed, among the myriad tenets of Leadership Fellows Boulder County – a joint leadership development and networking program of your Community Foundation and the Boulder Chamber – emerging leaders are offered a broad-based overview of our county’s economic, civic, and cultural drivers.
“Early in my career, participating in an early cohort of Leadership Fellows was invaluable,” David continues. “I met other local leaders, and learned a lot about the challenges we face as a community – and how we can work together toward solutions to those challenges.
“I learned that we’re all in this boat together, and that many of us in leadership positions face similar challenges. It was incredibly rewarding to learn from others, and apply all that new knowledge and information to my day-to-day activities at BMoCA … and to contribute my skills and experiences to others’ questions and challenges, as well.”
In fact, David – currently a Fellow of the Bonfils-Stanton Foundation – has since led BMoCA to embrace participatory, experiential exhibitions, and significantly expanded the museum’s community outreach through several successful art education programs. Highlights of BMoCA’s exhibitions under David’s leadership include Henrique Oliveira, an exhibition of paintings and a large-scale, site-specific installation by the Brazilian artist; and “Biodome: An Experiment in Diversity,” an exhibition featuring specially commissioned projects by Gustavo Artigas (Mexico), Roberto Juarez (New York), and Laleh Mehran and Chris Coleman (Iran-US) that give visual representation to the topic of diversity in Boulder. Additionally, in 2018, BMoCA featured artist Patty Ortiz in “Work Won’t Kill You: I Am Here” – a bold exhibition exploring the painful quandary of involuntary childhood immigrants who thought they had qualified for a path to citizenship through Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) … only to have that opportunity threatened. Before that, in 2013, the museum’s “Flood Project: Rising Above & Restoring Boulder” inspired community healing among local residents affected by the devastating floods that year.  
“Leadership Fellows brings together people who are motivated to make Boulder County a better place that’s more welcoming for everyone,” David says. “It was super exciting to be a part of this group of people who are dedicating their lives and careers to make our community an inclusive one.”
Originally from Argentina, David’s community leadership includes appointment as a commissioner to the Jefferson County Cultural Council, and a grant review panel member for the National Endowment for the Arts and your Community Foundation. In point of fact, Leadership Fellows Boulder County encourages participants to join local nonprofit boards, government boards or commissions, and otherwise engage in local issues … many of which are detailed in the foundation’s biannual TRENDS Report
Learn more about how Leadership Fellows helps advance the foundation’s equity vision, and consider donating to your Community Foundation by year’s end to support related programs and initiatives that inspire ideas and ignite action around improving our shared quality of life.