Leadership Fellows Spotlight: Olga Bermudez

As a bilingual counselor at Longmont Children, Youth and Families – a grantee of your Community Foundation – Olga Bermudez brought a fresh, unique perspective to her Leadership Fellows class.

“When I consider the work that I do – which often consists of encouraging people – I always try to work with heart and passion,” says Olga. “What really caught my attention as a participant in Leadership Fellows is how that approach aligns with the idea of transformative leadership.
“The program inspired and empowered me to be proactive in finding opportunities to be a transformative leader, to model the way, to encourage the heart – and to trust that my knowledge, experience, and passion can make a difference. That’s how I became a board member of Boulder County Public Health.”
Indeed, graduates of Leadership Fellows Boulder County – a joint leadership development and networking program of the Community Foundation and the Boulder Chamber – commit to taking on local leadership roles within six months (e.g., joining a nonprofit or government board or commission, working on a candidate or initiative campaign, leading a neighborhood or school association, and so on).
“I graduated from Leadership Fellows more than five years ago, but I’m still just as inspired to get out of my bubble and look for opportunities in my community – my family, my neighborhood, my city – to get involved, to get informed, and to take action. I’m always asking myself, ‘What positive influence can I have in my community?’
“When I work with volunteers, when I make phone calls, when I write emails – I’m always thinking about the ripple effect, the bigger picture.”
Adds Olga, “Leadership Fellows also provides the opportunity to connect with other professionals in the community, whom I otherwise wouldn’t have met. The program provides a platform to learn from each other’s different disciplines and perspectives, and to develop new skills together … ultimately impacting the people around us in a positive way.
“I am a Latina, and Leadership Fellows taught me that I have a voice. I have skills. And it’s up to me to seek out opportunities to help make our community better.”