Lynette Sipe: 2018 Pat-on-the-Back Award Recipient

Every year, Community Foundation Boulder County presents two Community Leadership awards: the Pat-on-the-Back Award and the Stan Black Award. Each honoree will receive $1K to be directed to a Boulder County nonprofit(s) of their choice. Today, the foundation announced Lynette Sipe as the recipient of its 2018 Pat-on-the-Back Award.

The Pat-on-the-Back Award honors Patricia Ford Shoemaker (July 4, 1920–October 18, 1998), and recognizes other individuals who have given extraordinary – but often unsung – volunteer time in caring for the community. Pat volunteered for the Boulder Community Hospital for 28 years, and for 14 years she produced monthly original craft displays for the hospital, and made baby blankets and animal-shaped covers to place over the toes of children with casts on their feet. Her warmth and caring for others was a source of continual inspiration.  
Like Pat, Lynette has always believed in being involved in community. “Whatever it is that you give yourself to, it makes a whole person out of you,” says the longtime – 46 years! – volunteer of Coal Creek Meals on Wheels (CCMOW), which nominated her for the award. Lynette’s other volunteer activities have included working on the Colorado Trail, Eldershare, Community Food Share, Sister Carmen Community Center, the Denver Rescue Mission, numerous church activities, and more.
According to CCMOW Volunteer Coordinator Elaine Scanlon, Lynette first learned about Meals on Wheels when her church, First United Methodist Church of Lafayette, chose the organization as a mission project. Since then, just a few months after CCMOW started operations in 1972, “Lynette has done every job imaginable for Meals on Wheels, from bookkeeping and dishwashing to prepping and packing meals, to delivering meals and serving on the board – just to name a few,” says Elaine. 
“In addition to Meals on Wheels, Lynette has been a steadfast volunteer of our community throughout her life. Through the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) and the Lions Club, she has donated countless hours, eschewing recognition.” That said, Lynette is also a deserving recipient of the KMGH 7Everyday Hero award. 
“Even though we struggled financially from time to time, there were always people to support us – and that’s what Meals on Wheels does, too,” continues Lynette, who was born in Auckland, New Zealand, in 1944, and has lived in Boulder County since 1954. In 10th grade, she got her first taste of volunteering as a candy striper at Boulder Community Hospital.
Lynette says she’s done a lot of driving for her volunteer activities throughout the years, including delivering meals. According to her nomination, when her father died, she put her share of the inheritance toward gas, “as long as my share holds out.” 
Summarizes CCMOW President Maureen Kanwischer, “Lynette Sipe is an inspiration and embodies the very essence of Pat Shoemaker. She is an unsung hero who volunteers in whatever capacity is needed … she’s committed to serving her community, and she does so with no expectation of recognition or praise.”
Thank you and congratulations, Lynette!