Meet the Staff: David Ramon Ortiz

If you’ve given us a call or visited us in person sometime in the past few months, you may have had the pleasure of meeting our new Operations Manager, David Ramon Ortiz! David joined Community Foundation Boulder County in September of 2023 having previously worked on U.S. Senator Michael Bennet’s 2022 re-election campaign as well as various other Democratic campaigns in Colorado, Wisconsin, and Nevada. David’s passion for serving his community, his go-getter attitude, and his all-around positive outlook motivate us to live our best lives every day, and we’re thrilled to have him on board. Learn more about David, his journey, and what he loves most about serving the Boulder County community.  

Can you start by telling us about yourself?  

My name is David Ramon Ortiz and I’m born and raised here in Colorado! I started at Community Foundation Boulder County in 2023 and am an incoming MBA student (evening) at the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado Boulder. Prior to working at the community foundation, I worked in the government and political space for three years. Most recently, I worked for Senator Michael Bennet’s successful 2022 re-election campaign as political coordinator. Before that, I worked in Wisconsin for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin in 2020. 

Why the community foundation?  

I want to feel like I am working for more than a paycheck, and I like getting to know the community as we are living in an increasingly separated and distant world. Since starting in the fall of last year, the team here at the Community Foundation has welcomed me with open arms. I’m working with an exceptional and skilled group of individuals who are working every day to make Boulder County a better and more inclusive place for all.  

What excites you most about your work as Operations Manager?  

No two days are the same! I get to see a little bit of the work every department does here at the community foundation. I’m working on numerous projects that each touch a different area of our operations, including working each day to maintain and improve the building that we own and love.  
This is my first professional role in the nonprofit sector, and there are opportunities every day to learn more about the space and advance the community.  
My favorite part is the customer service and people-facing interaction that this role entails. After the global pandemic, I gained a new appreciation for being face-to-face with my neighbors and coworkers. I want to work with these folks to solve the problems our county faces.  

Which of our values most resonates with you and why?  

While each value is impactful and important to our operations here at CFBC, the value that speaks the most to me is humanity. Working at the community foundation is about service and community. We’re not here to make billions of dollars or hit sales goals or get on the Fortune 500 list. The reason that we are here is to give back to our neighbors, and that aligns deeply with my values and helps me work toward the world that I want to live in.   

What’s your favorite activity in Boulder County?  

There are too many fun activities to do in Boulder County! My personal favorites include playing Disc Golf at the WonderVu Mountain Disc Golf course and taking a summer evening drive up Boulder Canyon. We live in an amazing county in the best state in the country, and I feel blessed every day to be a part of this community.