Message from Tatiana Hernandez, CEO

Dear Friends,
The past seven weeks have allowed me to meet many of you through group meet-n-greets on Zoom or through one-on-one conversations. I appreciate the time each of you has taken to share your insights, and I look forward to meeting more of you, as well as continuing all our conversations. 

One of the privileges of being a part of a community foundation is the opportunity to hear from different people and to share back what’s on people’s minds. In doing so, it gives us all the chance to consider how we might together work towards a common vision for Boulder County. In the conversations thus far, I have indeed heard some themes. 

  • Even before COVID, our community struggled with seeing the needs of people most affected by economic and social inequalities. The pandemic has only made that harder. We hear stories about health disparities, about people experiencing food scarcity and about those struggling to make ends meet. Despite this lack of visibility, donors responded immediately in support of our COVID Relief Fund. As the pandemic continues to have lasting effects in our community, we will strive to make more visible the stories and experiences of our hardest hit neighbors and elevate those needs to our donors for their support. (You can follow our blog here.)
  • In my conversations, I’ve heard a desire to build containers for collective efforts such as giving circles, donor and grantee matchmaking events, and convenings on shared issues. I see this as part of a broader yearning for connection, collaboration and integration that goes beyond our current pandemic reality. People want to feel that they belong to Boulder County and that Boulder County belongs to them. People want to understand one another and be understood. People want the ability to thrive. Conversations about inclusion and equity are very much alive here, and people want to see, and be a part of, definitive action and progress. 
  • Finally, people are deeply grateful for the generosity of so many. However, there is belief that this community holds more philanthropic potential. If we can unleash this potential and harness it with a collective focus, it could lead to innovative and efficient solutions to address our community’s toughest challenges. 

I will continue to listen for how Community Foundation Boulder County can best partner to catalyze the sorts of changes Boulder County residents want and need. Thank you again for trusting me with your perspectives, and I look forward to all the conversations yet to come.

If you haven’t yet signed up, please join me on Zoom for a meet-n-greet.

Tatiana Hernandez, CEO, Community Foundation Boulder County