New leadership award to honor Nino Gallo – donations welcomed

A new leadership award at your Community Foundation will recognize outstanding local leaders who embody the characteristics of Nino Gallo. Donations in support of the award are encouraged.

The award will advance Nino’s legacy, including his innovative work on behalf of immigrants and the economically-disadvantaged that shaped community engagement efforts, programs and policies throughout Boulder and Broomfield counties. The native of Chile passed away on Dec. 1 of COVID-19.
Bob Norris, an environmental scientist and activist, has generously offered a 1:1 match of up to $10K in support of this award. For all who knew Nino, or were inspired by his exemplary leadership, please donate to the Nino Gallo Leadership Award Fund.
“As immigrants, we have big dreams and many obstacles along the way,” says Norma Fuentes, Nino's widow and program director at Intercambio Uniting Communities, a grantee of your Community Foundation. “However, with perseverance, hard work and dedication, Nino taught us that we can create opportunities to be the best versions of ourselves – while simultaneously helping our community.
“Nino left a blueprint for people of all ages to believe in themselves and – most importantly – to feel proud to be an immigrant in this country. This award will allow Nino's passion, dedication and vision to continue living.”
According to Norma, “Nino’s name will resonate and carry on to future generations. Through this award, we hope that immigrants and descendants of immigrants can see themselves through Nino's life work because – as we know – representation is power.”
The new award will be conferred through the Leadership Fellows program, and the inaugural community recipient will be selected and announced in the course of the 2021-2022 fellowship year.
Questions? Contact Lynda Ricketson, Philanthropic Services, at lynda@commfound.org, 720.667.3557.