Planned Giving in a pandemic

The need for engagement and planned giving has seldom been greater than now.

As we navigate historic change and upheaval – the COVID-19 pandemic plus a widespread mandate for social justice brought on by the murder of George Floyd – nonprofits and community organizations are especially strained, calling for increased investments and contributions that prioritize and promote diversity and equity.
Indeed, the COVID-19 pandemic provides a unique challenge for nonprofit fundraisers: while most recessions can hurt people’s ability to give, this one can also affect nonprofits’ ability to ask. With in-person events and 1-1 meetings off the table, increased marketing and digital fundraising are key.
The good news is that the so-called “Great Wealth Transfer” is gaining momentum: it’s long been anticipated that aging Baby Boomers will allocate more than $68T through their estate plans over the next 30 years, but it turns out that many of those Boomers and other older adults are making those estate planning decisions right now.
A recent CNBC article reported that “Americans are rushing to make online wills in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.” Closer to home in Boulder County, we’ve also seen an uptick in estate planning, and an urgency to include local charities in those plans.
If you haven’t been in touch with us already to discuss leaving assets to the Community Foundation – or to a specific foundation fund – in your estate plan, we’re standing by. It’s easy way to leave a legacy in Boulder County for future generations, and to provide crucial funds now. Learn more about your planned giving options, and how to involve your loved ones in giving before passing your legacy on to them. Contact us at PlannedGiving@commfound.org.
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To encourage people to give more freely from their donor-advised funds in response to the coronavirus pandemic, a California couple has offered to give up to $1 million to donors’ favorite nonprofits. Learn more about Donor-Advised Funds at your Community Foundation.
Mark your calendar
On August 11, we're hosting a workshop designed for nonprofits with agency and/or designated endowments at Community Foundation Boulder County. Based on input from you, this workshop will focus on planned giving programs at all stages. Learn more and register here.