Planned Giving spotlight: Linda and David Bachrach

“My husband and I have always been interested in education, and caring for our community,” says Linda Bachrach, a former Trustee of the Community Foundation, and a Legacy Society member. “Through my work as a professional fundraiser, I got to know some people at the Community Foundation, and I just love what they do.

“When our children graduated from college, and with a little more cash on hand, giving through the foundation – and sharing the good news about what the foundation does – seemed like a natural way to get involved.”
Linda and her husband, David, are particularly drawn to the foundation’s focus on early childhood, and its School Readiness Initiative
“As we completed our commitment to our children, to provide them a debt-free education, we realized it was important to us to leave a legacy,” adds David. “Of course, our children and grandchildren are our legacy, but with more disposable income than we need, we’ve gotten involved in supporting what I characterize as ‘earning, learning, and returning.’
“To reflect these overlapping phases of our lives, we support education [also in the form of endowed scholarships and fellowships], as well as CU Boulder’s Conference on World Affairs, and a local program on spirituality and the environment.
“We’ve worked throughout our lives and – along the way – we’ve always tried to model for our children giving back through time, energy, treasure, and talent.”
Agrees Linda, a strategic coach who works with people in the process of transitioning from one phase of their lives to another: “It’s amazing how people respond when you give them a fair shake. 
“If you want to make a difference in the lives of others in Boulder County, I can assure you that – when you make a gift to the foundation – it will be used for its stated purpose, and you’ll receive lots of information about the program or project your gift supports, and how it’s being used. 
“We support all kinds of community efforts, but the programs and initiatives of the Community Foundation cover a wide range of community concerns – they reach out and support the community in ways that individual nonprofits just can’t.
“Additionally, it’s a privilege to be involved with the foundation. I have huge respect for the people – they work hard and really know the community intimately.”
Concludes David, “We still live very nicely – all of our needs, and many of our wants, are met. And there’s always space in our thinking, and in our wallets, to support others.”