Public charge policy: what you need to know

Widespread confusion exists about a portion of immigration policy known as public charge, whom it applies to, and what benefits and services count in public charge determinations. As a result, many of our community members are withdrawing from benefits, including Medicaid and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Many are also opting out of necessary services at community organizations, such as food banks and family resource centers.

The public charge rule was scheduled to take effect on Oct. 15, but a court-issued injunction on Oct. 11 temporarily blocked its implementation nationwide; multiple other nationwide injunctions have since blocked it, as well. This means the new policy is not going into effect at this time.
Your Community Foundation Boulder County now offers information and resources about the policy, and how immigrant families and individuals can continue to access the benefits and services they need. Our goal is to collaborate with you to make factual information widely available, and minimize the negative impact of the policy by eliminating unnecessary disenrollment from key benefits and services.
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