A Stronger Community and Sense of Belonging for All

As you know, today is the one-year anniversary of the worst natural disaster in Colorado history that destroyed over 1000 homes in our community. And this event brought the community together on a scale we have never seen before.
In recent years, we have experienced many unprecedented events that have impacted our community and our sense of safety in ways we could not have imagined. COVID brought financial insecurity to some, mental and emotional instability to others. The King Soopers tragedy, and subsequent events, may have had some of us wondering what could happen next.
Then, on December 30th, 2021, it became apparent that the climate crisis is not a future problem but a “now” problem and that we are not immune to large scale natural disasters in Boulder County. Our heartbeats may still quicken at the sight of smoke or the sound of wind. We may get a pit in our stomach at the sound of an emergency alert. We may say to ourselves, please no, not again.  
We are in the initial stages of our community healing and rebuilding process from the Marshall Fire, and we know that through all these events and challenges, the people of Boulder County will show up for each other and continue to build a stronger community and sense of belonging for all. 
Community Foundation Boulder County has been in the humbling position to help facilitate your generosity, your helpfulness, and your care for our community in our daily work. Whether you are a donor, a partner organization, a beneficiary, a stakeholder, a leader, a resident in our community, we see how, in the face of overwhelming challenges, you continue to rise to the occasion.  
This year was no different. We witnessed remarkable generosity – financially and of spirit – as we were entrusted with managing the largest philanthropic response to a disaster in our state’s history. Our community response to the Marshall Fire started the evening of December 30th as we activated our fund, in partnership with Boulder County. Together with community partners, we began immediately distributing emergency financial assistance and support services to our neighbors affected by the disaster. Our ongoing partnerships also continue to support recovery navigation to assist residents in addressing unmet needs and services to support rebuilding.
Our early partnership with United Policyholders, a national nonprofit with expertise in disaster recovery, ensured that residents had the information they needed to begin navigating the complicated insurance process. Our collaboration with Boulder Jewish Family Service and Impact on Education made mental health support available almost immediately for fire impacted residents. The foundation’s support of Marshall Together has enabled residents to self-organize and deepen their sense of connection as they travel the long road to recovery. More recently, we supported the Weekend of Healing hosted at the Louisville Recreation Center, to offer comfort and healing through the community as we reached the one-year milestone of the Marshall Fire.  
Thankfully, we are passing into the new year with a few more answers than questions, and thousands of new community allies rising to the occasion. This month, the first Marshall Fire affected family moved into their newly rebuilt home. Many other families are in the construction or permitting process. 
In partnership with you, we are creating pathways through difficult times. At the Community Foundation Boulder County, it is our honor and privilege to be your trusted partner in our efforts to meet sometimes unimaginable needs. This is only possible because of you, our devoted and close-knit community. Thank you. Thank you for your support of one another and thank you for your support of our community.

Learn more about how we have been sheparding the Boulder County Wildfire Fund >


Boulder County Wildfire Fund Details:

GranteeAmount ApprovedAmount PaidPurposeBalance
Boulder County1,500,000675,900Livelihood and Lost Wages and Small Business Support824,100
Boulder County / CFBC5,500,0005,315,396Damaged & Destroyed - County184,604
United Policyholders150,000150,000 Insurance Navigation0
Impact on Education265,000265,000Mental Health Supports0
Jewish Family Service Of Colorado250,000250,000Boulder County Crisis Counseling0
Boulder County500,000500,000Wind Damage0
United Policyholders85,00085,000Legal & Insurance Supports0
Jewish Family Service Of Colorado250,000250,000Boulder County Crisis Counseling0
Impact Development Fund20,000,0004,900,000Rebuild Fund15,100,000
Impact Development Fund2,500,000625,000Unmet Needs1,875,000
Colorado Nonprofit Development Center300,000150,000Marshall Together150,000
Boulder County1,000,000522,500Smoke & Ash Remediation477,500
Boulder County1,000,000500,000Recovery Navigation500,000
Resource Central175,000175,000Garden in A Box0
Louisville Rising3,0003,000Weekend of Healing0
Louisville Rec & Senior Center4,0004,000Weekend of Healing0
United Policyholders150,000150,000Roadmap to Recovery0
Total Approved33,632,00014,520,796 19,111,204
Total Raised (As of 12/30/22)43,068,223
2% administrative fee858,674
Interest accrued134,504
Total Approved33,632,000
Allocation balance subtotal3,543,000
Balances to be reallocated1,486,204
Yet to be approved or allocated6,655,257