Accomplishing More Together

Four Boulder County leaders have joined the Board of Trustees of Community Foundation Boulder County. The new additions are tax attorney J.M. Scott Beard, Jr., J.D. LLM; higher education administrator Fernando R.
More than 9K donors have supported those impacted by the Boulder supermarket shooting.

Dear TRENDS Diary,

Last year was incredibly challenging for local businesses, and unfortunately those challenges have continued into 2021.

In Nederland, every single business has felt the impact of COVID-19 – whether it be through mandatory closures, modifying their business practices so that they can do to-go and/or curbside pick-up, and making sure that they have the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to ensure the health and safety of their employees. All of these changes put a lot of pressure on the small business owners in our community.

In an effort to support these businesses – and in my role as Deputy Town Administrator/Town Clerk – I have committed to making sure that we are consistently sending information to them about how the changes in level restrictions impact them, specifically.


Dear TRENDS Diary,

I’m a retired healthcare worker and small business owner [The Shop,] in the mountain community of Nederland. I was busy preparing for a festive Frozen Dead Guy Days weekend last March when we went into the shutdown.

A small group of community activists quickly realized that we were facing a very unusual situation, and that many of our neighbors were in need of help. We are accustomed to pitching in during fires and floods, but this was even more far-reaching.

I volunteered to reach out via social media, and to see what we could do. I asked for volunteers, and asked people to let me know what they needed to be able to stay safely at home.

I was overwhelmed by the response. Very soon, I had lists of volunteers and requests for help.