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We are grateful for your support on Colorado Gives Day! A record-breaking $50,050,610 was raised for nonprofits statewide, and you put Community Foundation Boulder County $40,377 closer to our year-end goal. Thank you.

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Dear TRENDS diary,

My name is Jose Garcia Madrid and I am the LGBTQ Program Coordinator for OUT Boulder County. When the pandemic started, some of the groups inside the LGBTQ community, which is very diverse, were more affected than others. For example, before COVID, the transgender community was already struggling to find and keep a job, mainly because of discrimination. The pandemic only made the problem worse.

During the crisis, we noticed that many people of color from the LGBTQ community could not access the stimulus checks from the government, for various reasons such as immigration status or being undocumented.

We also found out through a survey that the participants' mental health had been negatively affected by the pandemic and even more so with the elections.

This Colorado Gives Day (today!), make a donation to your Community Foundation Boulder County to make a difference you can see.

Dear TRENDS Diary,

As a postdoctoral researcher at The University of Colorado-Boulder, and a member of the CU employee union, it’s difficult trying to figure out how to help people in the most effective way possible.

The Union right now is mostly graduate workers, because it started as the graduate student union, but we’ve been branching out and now have teaching faculty and members of staff.

We have several working groups: the COVID working group, the antiracism working group, and an international working goup. When the university shut down in March, we began trying to craft a response to various university policies and trying to figure out a strategy for how to best use our membership and our power to respond.

We have a list of demands, which involve things like hazard pay for any worker who is required to be on campus. We said that anyone who was able to do their job off campus was to be allowed to do so, without any reduction in compensation. We demanded an increase in on-campus testing for faculty and staff. We got that, which is good.