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Community Foundation Boulder County today announced 110 Community Trust grants totaling over $370,000. This brings the foundation’s total giving in 2021 to over $8.5 million.  


“Nonprofit organizations have worked tirelessly over the last 18 months to support our community’s needs. It is our honor and privilege to work side by side with them to help build a more equitable Boulder County,” said Tatiana Hernandez, CEO of the Community Foundation.   



Dear TRENDS Diary -

The scene was almost too big to describe. It was just … Biblical.

As soon as I made the turn off Apple Valley Road into my drive, I knew something was terribly wrong. I could smell the gasoline. I could see frantic activity all around. It was my husband, our nephew and his friend trying to save hundreds of dying brown and rainbow trout.

A semi-tanker had overturned, and it was now leaching 1,600 gallons of gas into the St. Vrain River. Fish were leaping into the air toward land to get away from the poisoned water. My husband, John, was trying to revive one fish with our garden hose, while Finn was collecting others in trash cans filled with fresh water. I carried fish in 5-gallon jugs and put them in a nearby pond. All to no avail.

Every fish died. They just couldn’t breathe.

Boulder County organizations in need of preparedness gear or equipment and/or that want to conduct mitigation-related activities are invited to apply for funding from the Community Foundation's Fires Relief Fund by April 9.
What have we seen and what is coming into view?