Animals & Environment

Last week, in honor of #WorldEnvironmentDay on June 5, your Community Foundation’s Environmental Affinity Group (EAG) hosted a webinar and discussion around the roles of philanthropy and community collaborations to create a sustainable future across Boulder County – and beyond. You can watch and listen to the webinar here.
"The ongoing health crisis has created an equally debilitating economic crisis. The economic stressors on Boulder County farmers are significant, with limited access to their customers and markets. Helping sustain our local food producers through this crisis is a powerful way to support our whole community."
"...we need to explore the intersections between the current pandemic, the associated economic crash, and the other crises we face. This refocusing of efforts is especially important in the area of climate action."
“For so long, we’ve had an extractive mentality toward our planet. Understanding the complexities involved, we need to be thinking about adapting to a carbon-constrained future … and the best way to do that is locally. To that end, I want my money to be working toward a brighter future for my children and grandchildren.”