Animals & Environment

From cross-pollination to regenerative systems design, MASA is committed to mobilizing our community – both residential and commercial – around “backyard breeding” and on-farm, traditional seed breeding that’s rooted in a shared understanding of the importance of local seed stewardship to reduce our dependence on outside food sources.
“I love it when I see first-hand how the Community Foundation truly serves our county as a trusted convener, bringing people together, and providing a forum for people to collaborate on issues of public policy that are important to our community.”
In three compelling videos that expand on the stories and data in our newly released 2019 Boulder County TRENDS Report, we're excited to share with you the experience and informed perspectives of valued community leaders who inspire community action for meaningful impact.
“The size of the problem that confronts us requires the expertise of all professions, of everyone. We’ve got to recognize that our greatest common problem – to ensure a habitable planet – demands the attention of all of us working together.”