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Dear TRENDS Diary - 

If you had told my teenage self I would still be living in my hometown of Longmont at age 31, I never would have believed it. But reflecting on the love-hate relationship of the place we call home, and realizing what elements really make somewhere home, has shaped me and my artwork. I also love that Longmont, who’s population is about 25% Chicanx/Latinx, communally celebrates my culture and history.

As a 2021 Boulder Creative Collective artist resident, I am working on a series of paintings and three-dimensional work that is influenced by the Rasquache art movement. Rasquache, which was originally a derogatory term describing the taste of the Mexican lower class, became a way for artists to take pride in where they came from and embrace color, clutter, and using kitsch or “cheap” items for fine art material.

Celebrating LGBTQ+ History Month, we checked in with a handful of the most recent grantees of Community Foundation Boulder County’s Open Door Fund. Read on for updates from OASOS, Open Studies, and Rainbow Elders.
We checked in with a handful of the most recent grantees of the foundation’s Community Trust, and we’re inspired. Read on for updates from Intercambio Uniting Communities, 350 Colorado, Celebrate the Beat, and the Colorado Pet Pantry.
The Community Trust is the permanent grantmaking fund of your Community Foundation Boulder County, addressing broad needs, countywide. The Community Trust grantmaking process runs in two cycles, and the next deadline is July 17, 2020.