Arts & Culture


Grantees of Community Foundation Boulder County offer a dizzying diversity of summer programs and events. Following are just a few examples of where to find inspiration and adventure right here in Boulder County.

Earlier this month, Boulder Startup Week wrapped up its ninth consecutive year, once again showcasing a community that both innovates and embraces a #GiveFirst mentality. This year, organizers included a new Social Impact track comprising nine events catered toward community innovators outside the traditional tech startup realm.
"For professional artists in our community, it’s very hard finding not only a place to live, but finding an affordable workspace, too. What I learned in Leadership Fellows is that this issue relates to almost everything in our community."
"We need to do more programming at more venues that showcase the creative breadth of what Longmont has to offer, and that inform people about the richness of the arts in our community on an ongoing basis."