Basic Needs

“Even while there are many aspects of the effects of COVID-19 that are still being figured out, our goal remains to be prepared for an influx of people requiring food services because of cliffs and key moments like the one we’re in. As a community, we need to be poised to get even more food out. [...] We need to be as proactive as we can be, in a reactive environment.”
"The Eldora Mountain Resort’s donation to Canyon Cares through their Play it Forward Fund is HUGE for us, not only in terms of monetary value and the number of people we can help, but also in terms of community support from one of the most recognized businesses in the area."
In a recent survey of grantees of our COVID-19 Response Fund Boulder County, grantees focused on addressing the exacerbated needs of a growing number of individuals and families experiencing homelessness shared these compelling anecdotes of community impact, resilience, and adaptability.
"Our hearts may be anguished, but our spirits are unbroken. Let us dedicate ourselves to ensure justice and equity."