Basic Needs

We all remember the 2013 flood. We all saw the damage the rains inflicted: from water in crawl spaces, to homes and businesses swept into creeks, to the loss of lives. Here at the Community Foundation, we knew that we needed to respond to recovery needs that weren’t being addressed by anyone else.
We spoke this week to Lafayette Mayor ProTem Gustavo Reyna and Christina Suraez – Attendance Advocate, North Boulder and Mountain Schools – about the poverty-related challenges of the younger, quickly growing Latino population in our county.
According to the Community Foundation’s TRENDS report, Latinos are the largest and fastest growing ethnic group in Boulder County – but our programs, networks and institutions are slow to catch up. We spoke to two community leaders about the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly growing Latino population.
The Community Foundation’s tally of grants made in 2015 comes to $6.9M – including grants from donor-advised funds and the foundation’s competitive grant cycles.