Basic Needs

The poverty rate in Boulder County does not capture the entirety of people who are struggling here.
The American Community Survey (ACS) released its 2011 data estimates yesterday, confirming the continuation of trends that have informed the Community Foundation’s work. Boulder County is a community both rich and poor. Poverty and wealth are not spread evenly across demographics. And our demographics are changing.

I spent this morning at Community Food Share with photographer, Donald Ungerman of Fifty 10 Photography. We were there to capture the work of CFS in action, and during the hour we spent touring the facility with Director of Operations, Michael StaffordCrane, I learned a few things I want to share with the broader community.

Boulder County is frequently assumed to be a place of abundance for all. It might surprise some folks to learn that Community Food Share turned over its floor inventory of food eighteen times in 2008. This is compared to the national average of food banks turning over their inventory eleven times. Clearly local folks are in need of assistance.