Basic Needs

"We understand that local and community information is the most difficult to access for the blind, and for individuals who have lost their vision, or due to some other condition..."
"Even though we struggled financially from time to time, there were always people to support us – and that’s what Meals on Wheels does, too."
"Community Foundation Boulder County makes it easy for us to achieve our philanthropic goals in Jeff’s memory by doing all the background research. The foundation is so tuned in to the community, and we know that our dollars are making the most impact as a result."
“Homelessness among vets is a perplexing and persistent problem. But we’re actively seeking them out where they are, both during the day and every single night of the year. We’re showing up with them at appointments, sharing their grief and loss, sitting and waiting with them – whether at Anschutz or in Cheyenne –, and pointing them to other service providers."