Being Responsive


Dear TRENDS Diary -

Being a COVID epidemiologist is exciting in a weird way. Of course, I would never hope for a pandemic in a million years. But it is pretty neat to have finished my graduate degree a few years before it happened. It has validated that the work I do is important, even when working in the shadows. At times in the past, it seemed like no one even knew the word epidemiologist.

I went into public health to try and make a difference. I studied international health, but really at the core I try to think globally and act locally. This was my opportunity to act locally, to be a part of a team that is trying to protect the health and safety of all the employees at Boulder’s University Corporation for Atmospheric Research and Boulder’s National Center for Atmospheric Research. 

In response to the March 22, 2021 mass shooting in South Boulder, Community Foundation Boulder County has gathered these community resources and supports.
In response to the March 22 mass shooting in South Boulder, Community Foundation Boulder County has established a fund to support the victims, their families, and our community in dealing with and processing these events. The Boulder County Crisis Fund will support the needs of those directly affected and the needs of our community to heal from this horrendous event. To add your support, please visit
Boulder County residents and firefighters impacted by the 2020 Cal-Wood and/or Lefthand Canyon Fires are eligible for free, local mental health services.