Being Responsive

Mental health services are available to individuals and families who have been impacted by the recent Cal-Wood and Lefthand Canyon wildfires. Boulder County mental healthcare providers are invited to join the program. Learn more and register!

Arts and Culture organizations that received grants from the Community Foundation's Community Trust earlier this fall were awarded unsolicited, additional grants of $1,650 each from the Millennium Trust. The foundation sent these grants to 22 organizations in recognition of the extraordinary impact of COVID-19 on their bottom lines.

The following organizations received awards for general operating support:

Block 1750 - A dance-based community in Boulder that provides a) affordable dance instruction for adults and kids for all levels in hip hop, breaking, house and contemporary dance; b) leadership opportunities, supportive role models, and a safe, positive community for youth, including homeless and at-risk youth. Offers community space and classes every day, including breakdance, contemporary, hip hop, house, kids breaking, dance troupes, and other urban styles. Also offers open studios, free community diners, outreach, community events, and writers block spoken word gatherings.

The 2020 Fires Relief Fund was established on October 19 to support those affected by the Cal-Wood and Lefthand Canyon fires. Deadline to apply for a grant: December 7, 2020, 9 a.m.
Dear Friends,

The 2020 Fires Relief Fund was established on October 19 to support those affected by the Cal-Wood and Lefthand Canyon Fires. We extend hearty thanks to all the contributors. As of November 9, 2020, $521K has been raised from 1,000+ donors.

The fund was initiated with a $50K grant generously provided by an anonymous donor family, $15K from Community Foundation Boulder County, and $10K from Mile High United Way. We are also grateful to be partnering with Denver 7 Gives, Elevations Credit Union, Premier Credit Union, Rose Community Foundation, and Community First Foundation.

While thousands of Boulder County residents were on standby to be evacuated, or were evacuated, and many lost homes, the funds raised thus far for the 2020 Fires Relief Fund are sufficient to allow us to respond to this crisis in a holistic manner – addressing both immediate needs, restoration, and future prevention.